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3 Reasons to Choose a Quartz Kitchen Benchtop

1  Choose the colour you want

When it comes to variety, quartz worktops offer it all – and then some!

Available in a complete rainbow of colours, you will quite literally be spoilt for choice – from classic shades of white, black, and cream right through to quirkier alternatives such as deep ruby red, pale blues, or vivid greens and oranges. You’ll even find attractive multi-colour options, and our personal favourite for a really fun kitchen – tutti-frutti!

Quartz worktops lend themselves to more intricate designs and fancy edging, so whatever it is you’re imagining for your kitchen, the chances are that quartz can make it a reality.

2  Messy Cooks

Unless you’re happy to live with visible signs of damage – like scratches, dents, and stains – you need a bench top that can take the pain of heavy-handed use. Making quartz or machined stone the obvious choice. Hardwearing and  easy to clean, quartz kitchen bench will look good despite your efforts .

3 Kids in the Kitchen

Quartz worktops are super durable and capable of withstanding anything family life can throw at them. Easy to work with, they can be crafted with rounded edges, minimising the chances of a nasty accident from collisions with sharply cut sides.

Whatever their age our kids present challenges in the kitchen, from a sticky-fingered toddler to a youthful tribe knocking about the place. A Machined stone bench top can take it.  While you should avoid direct contact with hot pans, you don’t need to worry about irreparable damage if you do accidentally put one down.

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