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Must-Have Elements for a Modern Kitchen

Modern kitchen features - quartz countertop and stainless steel appliances

Must-Have Features for a Modern Kitchen More and more homeowners want to transform their kitchens and apply a modern kitchen design. But what exactly does a modern kitchen style look like? More than just a space for meal preps, kitchens have evolved into multi-functional spaces for entertaining, socialising, working, and more. Modern kitchen features marry style and […]

7 Trendy Quartz Benchtop Colours for Modern Homes

Quartz benchtop

Are you bored of the same old kitchen vibes? It’s time to inject some colour into your culinary haven!   Below, we list trendy quartz benchtop colours that promise to add a dash of style to your modern kitchen. Get ready to cook in colour!   Trendy Quartz Benchtop Colours for Modern Homes 1. Classic White: Timeless […]

Kitchen Remodelling 101: Why You Need a Custom Benchtop

Modern custom kitchen benchtop design for kitchen remodelling

It’s always good to have options when it comes to kitchen remodelling. And if you’re planning to order a kitchen benchtop, you may find it easier to choose from your provider’s readily available designs. While you may think ordering a ready-made one is the more convenient option, you may encounter future problems, such as getting […]

Tips for Cleaning Granite Countertops

Beautiful kitchen with glass backsplash and clean granite countertop

One of the most popular material options for custom benchtops is granite, and it’s easy to understand why. Granite kitchen countertops are very sturdy and have properties that resist bacteria and stains. Because of their durability, ease of maintenance, and timeless appeal, many homeowners choose them for their kitchens. While granite stands up well to […]

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Ideas | Stone King

kitchen interior featuring a quartz bar island as a quartz kitchen countertop idea

Quartz Kitchen Countertop Ideas If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and are eyeing a custom kitchen benchtop, a quartz benchtop is a solid choice for both modern and traditional-styled homes. Why? Because quartz is an engineered material, they feature heat and stain-resistant properties, perfect for busy cooking spaces. We share more reasons why choosing quartz […]

Quartz Stone: Understanding the Engineering Process | Stone King

Kitchen countertop quartz stone samples displayed at showroom

Quartz Stone: Understanding the Engineering Process Marble and granite are some of the most popular options for natural stone benchtops and worktops. However, even with their durability, natural stones aren’t perfect. Natural stones are less smooth and are susceptible to cracks and stains when not sealed properly. Due to this, engineered stone benchtops gained popularity […]

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Our Styling Tips | Stone King

Interior of a modern style kitchen with kitchen countertop, cabinetry, and lights

Modern Kitchen Ideas: Our Styling Tips Was your kitchen last updated over a decade ago? If so, it’s likely a little outdated, and now is the perfect time to renovate it. With modern appliances, kitchen countertops, and new design options, you can transform your kitchen into a beautiful and highly functional cooking space that works […]

Natural vs Engineered Stone Countertops

Samples of natural and engineered stone countertop tiles

Natural vs Engineered Stone Countertops Unbeknownst to some, not all countertops are from the same source. Two options worth considering include natural stone countertops sourced from natural elements and engineered stone countertops created in a lab from a mix of artificial materials. Both offer excellent durability and unique beauty, but there are unique differences to keep in mind. If […]

Why Use Granite Tops for Kitchens

Granite top for a kitchen

Granite tops for kitchens are a luxurious statement that never goes out of style. They bring both beauty and function to any space. If you’re remodelling your kitchen and are looking to update your kitchen benchtops, here are reasons why you should consider granite. Extreme Durability Granite is a natural stone and one of the […]

Benchtop Material Comparison: Marble, Granite, and Quartz

Stone King Samples of marble, quartz, granite for benchtop material comparison

Quartz, granite, and marble are the three main options you can choose from when building your kitchen countertop. All three add elegance to your home. But did you know that they have unique characteristics that can impact your final decision? We’re doing a benchtop material comparison to see how these three compare to each other, […]