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Natural vs Engineered Stone Countertops

Samples of natural and engineered stone countertop tiles

Natural vs Engineered Stone Countertops

Unbeknownst to some, not all countertops are from the same source. Two options worth considering include natural stone countertops sourced from
natural elements and engineered stone countertops created in a lab from a mix of artificial materials. Both offer excellent durability and unique
beauty, but there are unique differences to keep in mind.
If you’re on the hunt for your next stone benchtop, read on! We explore the features of these two countertop designs.

What is an engineered stone countertop?

An engineered stone countertop is a manufactured product made in a lab. These countertops resemble natural stone but feature

a more uniform

pattern. While colours in each slab are from the natural colour of quartz, some fabricators can customise according to your preferred colours – grey,
earth tones, and more.

Unique features of engineered stone

Engineered stone offers a more consistent look, and the slabs are primarily made from quartz, a highly durable material. Here are other reasons to
consider an engineered stone benchtop:

Stain resistant

Because engineered stone countertops have a sealant, they can withstand stains better than porous natural stone.

Easy to clean

An engineered stone’s surface doesn’t absorb liquids due to the resin. Therefore, cleaning and sanitising them is much more effective, and food prep
becomes safer and easier.


The material of engineered stone provides excellent durability. It doesn’t crack easily and is harder to scratch.


If you want a countertop with a uniform consistency in pattern and colour, engineered stone is an excellent choice. This is because engineered
countertops are made in a lab to achieve a specific appearance, and you can pick the design you want to suit your taste.

What is a natural stone countertop?

A natural stone countertop is made from stone materials sourced from the earth. Popular natural stones include marble, granite, sandstone, and more.
Natural stone slabs are hand-chosen for their beauty and durability from the best natural sources.

Unique features of natural stone

Homeowners use natural stone for their countertops because of its natural qualities. The varying colour, veining, and brightness are much-loved features
of natural stone. Here are other features worth considering:

Natural colours

Since natural stone is mined from the earth, natural stone countertops offer more natural hues, earth tones and pigments. A natural stone countertop
may be the way to go if you appreciate a natural aesthetic.

Unique look

Natural stone countertops will have different textures, patterns, compositions, and colours, even when they come from the same source. You get a
distinctive design like no other. Your natural stone countertop will be uniquely yours.

Unrivalled durability

Granite is one of the most popular natural stone benchtops in Auckland. Granite is the most sought-after natural stone due to its beauty and durability.
With a service life of at least 50 years, natural stone products are more durable than engineered stone but must be sealed regularly.

Find the best option for your home and space

Both natural stone and engineered stone have unique features and advantages. If you’re having trouble deciding, contact Stone King! We are a stone
benchtop fabricator offering quartz and granite worktops—some of the most durable materials available. Whether you’re looking for a bathroom
benchtop, worktop, or kitchen countertop, we can help you find the perfect option based on your specific needs, preference, and taste. Send us a
message today.