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Q1: What is the timeframe for StoneKing?

A1: It's normally take three to five business days. For example, if you book on Monday or Tuesday, you will get it before weekend.

Q2: How our price compare to the market?

A2: We will give you the price after receive the measurement, and we will make sure our price beat the market.

Q3: Do you do pick up or delivery?

A3: Yes! We do both. You can choose to pick up or we come to do measurement and delivery.

Q4: Do you cover all parts of New Zealand?

A4: We can deliver 1-3 hours drive from Auckland. No delivery service for south island right now.

Q5: What is the require before measurement?

A5: 1. Please ensure sink and hob are disconnected before we come to measure. the plumber and electrician should reconnect it for you.

      2. Make sure cabinets are there before we do measurement.