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Machined or Engineered Stone Benchtops

Stone King specialises in high-quality engineered stone benchtops in Auckland. Learn more about our machined stone and quartz benchtops below and speak with us today to discuss your benchtop vision.

What Is Machined Stone

These days the term covers a wide range of materials. Generally, these are made from naturally occurring Quartzite or Silica that are stuck together with a polymer resin to form, an engineered stone with many of the properties of natural rock. 

More recently, trends have moved to softer, more natural colours and materials. This has meant Quartz Kitchen Worktops are now emulating real stone.

The range of quartz kitchen benches has increased making the engineered stone more easily accessible with more affordable pricing. In fact, it is often confused with solid surfaces and natural stone worktop materials, like granite and marble because of its high-end feel.

A Few Benefits of Quartz Kitchen Worktops

There are many here are three

First, quartz is non-porous which makes it stain resistant. This means that as long as liquids are wiped away soon after a spill, there shouldn’t be any concern.

Secondly, no scrubbing or special cleansers are required. Your quartz benchtop can be cleaned with your basic household cleansers, or with soap and water. It is scratch and stain resistant, so you’ll think about it and its maintenance a lot less.

Finally, a major benefit you’re going to receive from a quartz countertop is the many stylish choices available. Our machined stone comes in a wide range of colors. Your kitchen worktop can look like marble, granite, or concrete,

Why Get Your Quartz Kitchen Bench From Stone King

For starters, our prices are second to none. You will get the best price for your kitchen worktops and benches. 

You are dealing with a local business owner. All our franchisees are carefully selected and monitored to deliver the highest quality service. 

Speed, you will not be waiting long before you can enjoy your new engineered stone kitchen countertops.  Delivery and installation are possible within 7 days