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Tips for Cleaning Granite Countertops

Beautiful kitchen with glass backsplash and clean granite countertop

One of the most popular material options for custom benchtops is granite, and it’s easy to understand why. Granite kitchen countertops are very sturdy and have properties that resist bacteria and stains. Because of their durability, ease of maintenance, and timeless appeal, many homeowners choose them for their kitchens.
While granite stands up well to everyday wear and tear, it still requires maintenance. Granite countertops require a specific cleaning routine to ensure the sealant doesn’t wear off. If you want to make your investment work for you, follow our tips for cleaning granite countertops!

Stick to dish soap and warm water

It may be tempting to use acidic cleaners when removing stains, but it’s better to use mild dish soap mixed with warm water when you have a granite countertop. Many cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can dull the granite and weaken the sealant. Also, steer clear of abrasive scrubbing as it can scratch the stone. Instead, use a microfibre cloth to wipe off any stains.

Wipe up spills immediately

Granite is non-porous, which means it is less susceptible to absorbing oils and stains. Wipe spills off immediately with a soft cloth as a preventative measure. It’s also good to wipe off stains to avoid spreading food, grease, and bacteria to other parts of your kitchen.

Dry the countertop

When cleaning your countertop, remember to dry it with a microfibre cloth. Leaving it wet may lead to water spots that can be harder to remove.

Invest in a countertop cleaner

While mild dish soap and warm water work well, you can also find special granite countertop cleaners if you wish to add a little extra shine. Check the cleaning aisle at your supermarket to see if these special cleaners are available.

Remove stubborn stains

Spilling something on your counter is unavoidable and some can leave a stubborn stain. When this happens, your countertop may need a deeper cleaning. When removing stubborn stains, you can:

Apply baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide to clean water-based stains
Apply baking soda paste with water to clean oil-based stains
Apply baking soda paste and leave it overnight, then rinse and wipe afterwards

Disinfect the surface

Cleaning your countertop isn’t the same as disinfecting it. To prevent contaminating food and getting foodborne germs and illnesses, you can disinfect the surface with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and water. Spray the counter with the mixture and wait for five minutes before wiping the mixture off.

Add shine

You can add lustre to your countertop by pouring a little cooking oil on a soft cleaning cloth. This adds a bit of gloss and a protective layer from stains.

Apply sealant regularly

Applying sealant yearly is key to keeping your granite counters in excellent condition. Sealant prevents staining from oils, water, and other liquids. When your granite countertop is sealed, liquids cannot seep into the stone, maintaining its diamond-polished look for years.

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