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7 Trendy Quartz Benchtop Colours for Modern Homes

Quartz benchtop

Are you bored of the same old kitchen vibes? It’s time to inject some colour into your culinary haven!


Below, we list trendy quartz benchtop colours that promise to add a dash of style to your modern kitchen. Get ready to cook in colour!


Trendy Quartz Benchtop Colours for Modern Homes

1. Classic White: Timeless Chic

First on the menu is classic white – the OG of quartz colours. It’s timeless, chic, and plays well with everything.


Picture a breezy kitchen with sleek white surfaces catching the sunlight. It’s a canvas waiting for your personal touch – maybe a pop of colour?


2. Dark and Daring: Drama Time

Ready for some kitchen drama? Indulge in the opulence of dark-toned quartz benchtops for a taste of luxury.


Deep blues, charcoal, or midnight black are not just stylish; they’re the rockstars stealing the spotlight in modern kitchens. Light cabinets as the backup dancers? Now, that’s a show!


3. Calacatta Dreams: Italian Romance

For the romantics out there, meet Calacatta quartz. It’s like a love story with Italian marble – minus the heartbreak.


Golden tones and veins that are pure art – your kitchen becomes a romantic masterpiece, blending classic and modern vibes effortlessly.


4. Pop of Colour: Party Central

Who said kitchens need to be boring? Vibrant quartz benchtops in blues, greens, or a cheeky blush pink are eye-catching hues sure to make a statement.


Your kitchen isn’t just for cooking; it’s a party hub now. Spice it up and let your kitchen be the life of the fiesta.


5. Matte Finish Magic: Smooth Operator

Matte finish quartz benchtops are the low-key royalty of modern kitchens. Imagine a velvety smooth surface that’s chic and a fingerprint ninja.


Think of it as the VIP lounge for your countertops – sleek, chic, and practically maintenance-free.


6. Seamless Integration: Beyoncé Vibes

Take it up a notch with the waterfall-edge quartz benchtop. It’s like the Beyoncé of kitchen designs – bold, stylish, and stealing the show.


This design choice isn’t just cool; it’s a game-changer, adding that touch of luxury without going overboard.


7. Environmental Harmony: Green is the New Cool

Let’s be eco-conscious! Embrace nature-inspired vibes by choosing green quartz benchtops.


Transform your kitchen into an eco-friendly haven with earthy browns, greens, or ocean blues. Stylish, conscious, and a win for Mother Earth – that’s how you roll.


Additional Tips

Backsplash Brilliance

Your kitchen’s style adventure goes beyond countertops! Take a plunge into the world of bold and beautiful backsplashes that dance harmoniously with your chosen quartz benchtop colour.


Backsplashes are the secret to effortlessly blending your countertop and walls in style, whether with playful geometric patterns or lively tiles.


Lighting Enchantment

Turn your kitchen into a magical realm with adjustable or dimmable lights. Control the vibe, showcase your quartz benchtop’s features, and set the mood for relaxed evenings.


Picture pendant lights above the countertop – adding a touch of elegance and becoming the enchanting focal point in your culinary space.


Mixing and Matching Mastery

Your cabinets are the supporting actors in the kitchen saga. Unleash the art of mixing and matching cabinet colours with your chic quartz benchtop.


Whether craving contrasting drama or a subtle monochromatic melody, find the sweet spot for a kitchen ensemble that steals the show.


Your kitchen, your rules. Spice up the space with quartz benchtops – where colour meets cool, and your cooking space becomes the ultimate hangout spot.